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Any other problem… What you think is absent and your employers will benefit… or you need to make sure that this is included in the contract/agreement letters. 2. What are the things in the contract letter? Is it on the corporate letterhead, stamped and signed? One more thing? The service has posted the connection for the same on its Twitter account lately. Workers can obtain their agreement in in both Arabic and English. You can switch from Arabic to English using the capture via the site page. I put in the company xxxx, it asked me as R. El.

Engineering for the salary of 2500 QAR, but they send me an MAson visa, in the ID also they offer like MAson Occupation, but id is not to receive me, but the fingering is finished.38 (without any information they provide me this MASon visa) , but I have not signed agreements , if they ask to sign means what I have to do, please, change it means they said they do not need to change. but I`m not ready to have as a MASON visa, how can I pass it, if there are rules in this please advise. Because they betrayed me. I don`t know because I`m new to qatar. Only 1 month I am currently in doha. I`m going to continue in this business. However, they must be approved by the Ministry of Labour and must inform their current employer in writing. Persons on indeterminate contracts can change jobs after five years of service without the consent of their employer, until the government has authorized it.

The contract or letter must contain the following information: Enter the applicant`s individual number or visa number. Enter the phone number (the mobile phone number must be in the candidate`s name). A confirmation number is sent to the exchange owner`s multipurpose number. Enter the code you received on your mobile device and it will allow you to see or download the agreement. All employers should present foreign workers with an employment contract or a formal letter of contract, which specifies a number of details. Credit: Qatar Day URL: For some people, there was no data available because the agreements were listed as not accessible. This may be due to the fact that the new contract is not updated by the Organization or is not yet forwarded to the Service. I hope my question will help others understand the Qatari contact…. Is there a specific contract letter/agreement, defined by the government, in which workers and employers must follow or depend only on the agreement between two parties? 4. Make a provision such as “NOC will be available by the company at the end of the contract, if it is not prepared to continue… Is it written? If not, can you compel the company to include such a statement in the offer/letter of contract? NOC stands for No Objection Certificate… and in writing or not in the agreement, you must show it to your next employer to make him believe that you have no fees, balances and your previous business have no objection if you work elsewhere, so it is necessary, as well as both ways. Hello, may I ask you if the Kadam has not terminated his contract, does he have to pay the hiring costs that the employer spent on her? If NOC is provision is not under contract, but still necessary after the contract concluded, do not think it is something wrong …

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