Bc Public Service Collective Agreements

(b) where they are not appointed, are directly or indirectly responsible for the performance of their duties, government officials or agents or the proper performance of their duties; (b) limitation on the drafting of contractual terms that must be obtained to comply with matters that must be enshrined in a collective agreement by this Act and other issues agreed upon by the parties, and 22 Each party to a collective agreement or amendment to a collective agreement must immediately file a copy with the Minister and the Minister of Labour upon implementation. (3) In the absence of an agreement in paragraph 2 before the full implementation of the technological changes, the workers` negotiator may ask the board of directors to terminate the collective agreement. (a) the monthly wages or wages of each worker in the collective agreement unit, whether or not the worker is a member of the union, of the amount of periodic monthly dues that a trade unionist must pay to the union; (2) Workers or workers or classes of workers excluded from the collective agreement may be determined by negotiations between the parties, but if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, each party may refer the matter to the House for a final and binding decision. 13 (1) Any collective agreement must contain conditions under which the government must, in accordance with the persons in the collective agreement unit who are employed as bargaining partners for that bargaining unit at the time of the union`s certification,: (a) negotiate in good faith the conclusion of a collective agreement or the renewal or revision of a collective agreement; (b) Government negotiators, by written notification, require bargaining partners for workers to begin collective bargaining for workers in the collective agreement unit. 10 (1) For each bargaining unit, two collective agreements apply as follows: 4. If the board finds, on request under paragraph 3 and after the investigations it deems necessary, that a technological change has occurred, the board must declare the collective agreement terminated. (c) inform the union on a monthly or otherwise, as stipulated in the collective agreement, of the names of workers whose monthly wages or wage deductions were made in the previous month and the amount deducted.

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